The Global One Room Schoolhouse

At GEMS World Academy-Chicago we think John Seeley-Brown has something big to say about innovation in education.

Our goal is to provide students “with a whole new world” in the networked age through the GEMS Innovations. Our Innovations directly address many of the points brought up by Seeley-Brown:

  • how knowledge production and dissemination are happening at what Seeley-Brown calls “an unbelievable rate”,
  • how “meaning is emerging as much from context as content,
  • how the play of imagination in learning is both vital for students and scaled across schools and the world.

Ultimately, our innovations drive the design of a global one room schoolhouse that creates epiphanies for students. To find out more contact us or schedule a visit.

We respect John’s work and hope you might ask a few questions  or share a few insights about the video or our program of innovation  in the comments section below.

If you liked this video you may love Seeley-Brown’s book written with Doug Thomas. You can find A New Culture of Learning linked from our Suggested Reading Page. Also, as an international school partnered with UNESCO we appreciate this post on A New Culture of Learning.

Other books and organizations mentioned in Seeley-Brown’s talk that we are paying attention to:

Weinberger, D. (2012) To Big To Know:Rethinking Knowledge Now That the Facts Aren’t the Facts, Experts Are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Room.

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